Saturday, February 6, 2010

Female Doctor Check Up Video Can A Female Doctor Check Your Testicals?

Can a female doctor check your testicals? - female doctor check up video

Hello, I'm 16 andfor the last 3 weeks is my testicles have constant pain and I feel myself to two of my tubes, I believe that semen is necessary to achieve to be reviewed


matador 89 said...

Michale L
All doctors are men and women can men and / or female patients to fulfill. The only consideration is to examine the patient's preferences for medical male or female, to you. They refer to "sperm tubes". This is the epididymis, which are connected to the ejaculatory duct - a very short tube, from which binds to the gland / prostate vesicle is - the vas deferens, formerly known as the vas deferens. This pipe is very long and clear, of course, back with the blood of the gonads, which will be called, combines Chord sperm through the canal above the bar and bubble lamp. only the end of the bulb connects the vas deferens, which the new ship, the ejaculatory duct. The epididymis can sometimes be confused with the lump. The pain and swelling of a testicle, caused by a condition called testicular torsion. This is achieved by reduced blood supply to the testes resulting in swelling and pain. It is not uncommon, but causes serious, and must be addressed as quickly as possible. If you think that is what is wrong, then it should go to the emergency room of a local hospital immediately, because it requires emergency surgery. The doctor will find for his testicles to ensure that a correct diagnosis of the cause of your pain and swelling in or around the testicles.

All answers must be carefully studied in this forum and especially this. - Most of the answers are wrong.

The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of a disease. A doctor should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Hope this helps
Matador 89

Anthony L said...

Infact, if you frequently travel to the UK when asking ease dealing with a man that a woman can do. Professionals and are not counted. IV was repeatedly checked my live seen a woman asks dr

EdwardCu... said...

You should check it seems you might have testicular cancer, if they could liberate themselves, checks the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Missy T said...

Gynecologists, as there are people: "Yes. But if you feel uncomfortable, you can request a male doctor, but they are professionals and should not you feel funny.

aogpro said...

A doctor can check that nothing, but if you feel uncomfortable, you can have a male doctor.

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